As a long-time local resident and business owner in the City of Perth, I have the skills, energy and experience to bring integrity back to our council.

I will work tirelessly with fellow elected members to be a voice for our residents, community and businesses.


Now is the time to work smarter and faster by applying a common-sense approach to revitalise and strengthen our beautiful city.We need quick, level-headed decision making so that our residents, business owners and visitors can thrive.


I want to deliver real long-term solutions that give every member of our community the respect, hope and dignity they deserve.

With years of experience working with charities and not-for-profits, I know the issues our city faces.

The right experience.
The right time.

I'm not here for the title or the limelight. I proudly live, work and run businesses in the City of Perth and have done for many years. I'm here to facilitate and foster teamwork between our new council and the City of Perth administration team.

There are robust, actionable plans in place for the future of our city - the Strategic Community Plan touches on most, if not all, of the issues our city faces. We now need a council that works with the administration to implement these plans.

I want to do the hard work that will see our community, residents and businesses thrive. It's time for common-sense, level-headed decision making.

The right choice.

I have a track record of success both in business and the community.

I have the skills, energy and experience to bring integrity back to our council and I will work tirelessly with fellow elected members to be a voice for our community, our residents, our businesses and our visitors.

Opportunities for improvement

Bev and John Lowe, Founders of Manna Inc and Moort Care Responsible for 6,000 meals a week to Perth’s homeless


Homelessness has been an issue for a long time and is an issue in many cities around the world.

Naturally, homelessness is not solely a City of Perth issue - it is a complex issue that requires a top-down approach from the whole state, community services and the City.

So while those who live on the streets of Perth might not be ratepayers, the reality is, they are part of our community. We need to understand and embrace that, come from a care-first perspective before we start looking for solutions. Only then will we have the opportunity to find dignity and respect for those doing it tough in our community.

I promise that I will help our great community groups, and not only be their voice, but that I will be there to help them with my hands and heart.

Crime and safety

It is my personal view that we have a great state police force and they do everything they can to keep us all safe.

However, we do know we can do better as a city. Better lighting at night is a proven deterrent as is more police presence. We could look at extending the facial recognition technology we currently are able to use and help our police force to look at prohibitive behaviour orders and move on notices, barring those who have behavioural issues and can’t be trusted to interact in our entertainment precincts at certain times.

There is lots of conversation to be had around this solution but the reality is, until I am in a position to work with our new council and the administration to fully flesh out the solution with the greatest impact, we really are just creating ideas.

This city is my home and I have a vested interest, especially in this area. Crime and safety will be a major priority for me as Mayor, and an area I promise to work on, with our City, to provide great measurable improvements for us all.

Clean up our city

The City of Perth does a great job of rubbish and waste collection. I know I hear the trucks go past day and night and Perth is one of the cleanest capital cities I have seen.

However, we really need to create a culture where we all take responsibility for keeping our streets clean. If you see rubbish, pick it up. See someone drop it, go pick it up and put it in the bin. They will get the message. Culture is king.

It's our neighbourhood, let's take care of it. The City's response to areas like graffiti clean-up is first class. Let’s stop bagging our city and start bagging any litter we see.

Retail business

The primary driver of street-level economic activity in any CBD is retail. With less than 30,000 residents in the City of Perth, this simply isn't enough to sustain the existing retail landscape. Without workers and visitors from the suburbs the city, in some cases, is just not a viable place to conduct some retail business.

Retailers have always been prepared to take a risk in the CBD, and there are many who are still willing to do so, but only if the risk to return ratio is equivalent or better than other destinations. That has not been the case in the Perth CBD for a long time. We need to look at the Retail Tenancy Act and investigate how we can implement drop in tenancies that are for shorter periods of time (not the 5 year minimum current lock in) and give business start-ups a less onerous risk to get their dream off the ground.

I will work closely with elected members and the administration to help find solutions for our businesses and do everything we can to revitalise our city.

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